Marcin Pajak – Last Day in Poland (Live) – 2021

🇵🇱 Welcome to a great show, the one making you wonder what are we doing here, when will it all ends up and what is behind and above us, the humans.

These lofty words are not pathetic. Marcin Pajak presents his concert set, masterly performed and excellently filmed. You may find Marcin unemotional at first, but as he goes further in his story, the true and really deep emotion comes.

Profound and resonating lyrics are joined with nice guitar-based rock, sounding as progressive as soothing. Turning heavier from time ro time, with high-pitched riff, or surprising sax solo. For sure, a team of good musicians helped Marcin to make this experience come to life.

To tell the truth, last weekend, I clicked “play” button at youtube, and just got lost in time for ab hour. Now. I wish you exactly the same. Thank you, Marcin, for an invitation!

facebook page: marcinpajakmusic

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3 thoughts on “Marcin Pajak – Last Day in Poland (Live) – 2021

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