Kraut on Earth And in Space. Part 1: On Earth

Waves arriving at the Earth surface. Image by lunamontem

This time we launch a trip into the kraut domain. As always, you’ll get varied music, belonging not necessarily to the one certain genre. The artists picked by the Selected Goosebumps blog slide back and forth, making great space rock and psychedelia as well. here is the first part of our story. Enjoy.

1. Alien Mustangs – Beat of The Earth (2020)

🇬🇷 We start from the cradle of civilization. Namely, from Thessaloniki, Greece. Here, among the wonders of the world, Alien Mustangs inhabit.

Mild as morning solar rays, their sonic waves conquer the midair without any fight. They spread further and reach the listeners’ hearts. Your also? Hopefully, yes. And there’s a reason for that.

“Beat of The Earth” is a spontaneous trip to the distant lands and distant times. Hypnotic structures are made of small vibrations, which appear from nowhere and transform everything they touch into radiating matter.

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2. Brown Spirits – Vol 2 EP (2020)

🇦🇺 In the year 2020, Brown Spirits released a couple of EPs, the second and the third, and the forth is obviously on the way.

The band is a trio by Tim (guitar, bass, electric piano, moog, sitar), Agostino (drums and percussion), and Ash Buscombe (bass). This record was done at Tim’s home, and comes as it is.

What I really like here is its sincerity and the perfect mood it gifts to a listener. I bet you’ll enjoy it from the very beginning, by putting on “Honorable Discharge”, the first track on the album. Catch this tempo, and your head knows what to do with this. Tam-da-di-dum!

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3. Run Run Run – RUNRUNRUN (2021)

🇨🇳 Chinese band Run Run Run is back with the self-titled album, pretty strange and surprising one. They managed to catch twisted soundscapes and convert them into the songs.

The vocals in the spoken word manner bounce off the guitar-driven rhythmic pattern, with a major contribution of the synths. Drums are just right, completing the arsenal.

“RUNRUNRUN” shows up as a equilibrium between softness and heaviness. Something that comes from the both sides, full of energy clods. Give it a try and your heart will beat funny.

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4. Orsak​:​Oslo – Orsak​:​Oslo (2019)

🇳🇴 🇸🇪 Scandinavian branch of our list is represented by the Orsak​:​Oslo band. Seeming surly at first glance, these Nordic guys appear to be handsome and generous. This album is such a nice present for us, rock lovers!

This is the fuzz traveling between Oslo, the capital of Norway, and Gothenburg, the capital of good music.

Within the album, the guitars sound especially sharp and clear, with the full force. Great vibes and selected motorik are served with a true passion, so you cannot be disappointed.

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5. Mt. Mountain – Centre (2021)

🇦🇺 Another Aussies in our collection. This time, from Perth, where you also can encounter right-on psychedelia.

Well, this album is masterly blended, allowing minimalistic design to revert into voluminous and thrilling act, which carefully treats your soul and makes it fly.

I’d point out that each of five voices is heard particularly distinctly. The vocals fit the music perfectly, and each tiny sound is on the place. It makes sense to close the eyes and fall into timelessness.

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