Robin & the Woods – Moonfall (2021)

🇫🇷 What about some good rock? Well, what about some really good eclectic extravagant jazz-rock? That’s what this album offers to us.

Robin & the Woods is a quintet from Bordeaux, France, playing selected blend of progressive rock and jazzy stuff, seasoned with collective fantasy and experimentations.

The band consists of Robin Jolivet (guitar), and his Woods, namely Jérôme Masco (tenor saxophone), Alexandre Aguilera (flute), Alexis Cadeillan (bass), and Nicolas Girardi (drums). I really like how the wind instruments collaborate with the rhythm section and solo giutar.

The compositions witness wideness of the musical purview. Some of them tend to sound more rockish, while there are certain prog and fusion accent in others. My personal picks here are “La Fabrique Du Trouble” and “Eyjafjallajökull.” That’s where some headbanging is incorporated into the sound.

facebook page: RobinAndTheWoods

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3 thoughts on “Robin & the Woods – Moonfall (2021)

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