Inside a cave. 5 pieces of selected dungeon synth

The beasts biting their tails. Image by lunamontem

We found ourselves in the vault. Refracted light beam touches the shadows on the rough walls and disappears nearby.

1. Ulk – This Divine Shelter (2020)

🇳🇱 We begin our adventure into dungeon synth with The ulk project from Utrecht, the Netherlands. It’s a shelter for the tired souls, even for the worn out ones.

In part, monotonous, in part, polyphonic, the compositions on the album embrace whole our attention. Minimalistic sound design, calmness and steadiness. Small droplets and fragile notes arranged to create freshness and romance.

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2. Estoc – Chapter I (2019)

🇫🇮 We arrive at Finland, where the fairy forest closes in and captivate us. Close to a fireside, we rest and watch the moving clouds.

Estoc’s approach unites dungeon synth, medieval fantasy music and easy listening.

The idea of good old times, when nobody had to rush, comes to the mind. Steppe hills and vast valleys, small villages scattered here and there.

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3. Leaves Of Lorien – Golden Wood (2020)

🇷🇸 Our next stop is Belgrade, Serbia, the home of the Leaves Of Lorien project. Frankly, not sure we are in Serbia, perhaps in the Middle-Earth instead.

This album is inspired by Tolkien’s sagas. Imagine mystic landscapes and the habitants of all sorts which you can meet there.

The record also contains a rework of traditional Serbian song, “Ej dragi, dragi”, placed in the middle of the album and sounding really nice.

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4. Cerdes – Lacrimae (2021)

🇦🇺 A prolific project from Algeria, more “immersed in the Middle Ages”. Haunted castles, tournaments and blessings burst into modern digital life.

This work is dedicated to ”The Tale Of Ormoras’. That’s why the compositions sound epic, rich in ostentatious piano melodies,

Check the whole story available on bandcamp page to get the idea of the story.

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5. Urrnil – Born Of Tempest (2020)

The last album for today’s compilation comes from a secret place, with almost no info about it available on the internet. According to the author, this record is inspired by two greek masters, Basil Poledouris (1945-2006) and Barak Tor.

Nevertheless, the music is beautiful and worth listening to. The orchestral effects add grandeur and the sensation of presence.

Get this album via bandcamp

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