Nordsind – Lys (2021)

🇩🇰 Welcome to the dark forest where the strange creatures are howling and waiting for the moon.

Danish group Nordsind has been around since 2017, and the debut album has appeared in March, 2021. Good point for a band, which becomes mature enough.

It’s exactly the case when you have not that much black under the cover. more it’s beautiful music, created in the search of eternal matter. Atmospheric, embracing and durable music for metalheads and dreamers. The first ones can relax a bit while the second have an opportunity to taste some heaviness.

“Lys” is not too heavy though. The album is prepared in a nice way. Picking up the best from fast metal and slow shoegaze, it contains both components and way more. And Nordic spirit is essential here.

facebook page: nordsindband

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