Into the deep dark. 5 albums to absorb you

Whirling in the dark. Image: lunamontem

Today we are surfing through one of the most thrilling sorts of music. We are going to let some dark folk and dark ambient enter the room and the heart. It’s where the fine goosebumps appear!

1. Priests of Prometheus – Encased (2020)

🇺🇸 Our journey starts in a dim room where we encounter a man seeming exhausted and lost. We are watching his movements, realizing that we have no idea on what’s going on here. Is he alone, or is he an alter ego of you? Walk through his story prepared by the author of the project, Justin “Turtle” Wolz, for better understanding. Maybe you’ll find an answer, or the answer will find you. When ready, breath out and pass to another stage.

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2. Šamane – Šamane (2020)

🇫🇮 Here’s a self-titled full length by Finish artist Saara Šamane. Cool and inhospitable at the first blush, it bewitches us and makes us groggy. Unable to slip away, we’re watching the sun merging with the moon. Sacred process, which we weren’t invited to attend, grabbing us whole and obliterating our unstable identity. Nothing resist when Šamane is singing.

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3. Gaap Kvlt – Calima (2020)

🇲🇦 Next act, and no less impressive. A voice from the outer worlds, coming from Tangier, Morocco. Calima is something particular, the movement of the sand from Sakhara far away from its home. These dust particles are found even in South America. The music by Gaap Kvlt is extremely permeative as well. Being timeless, it takes the breath away and literally overwhelms a listener.

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4. Syth – Purgatori (2020)

🇦🇱 Back to the Europe, we are in Albania. The local project Syth presents their debut album, “Purgatori”. It consists of eight untitled chapters, completed with intro and outro. Epic and contemplating, this opus connects us with natural forces, letting them soak into our timeworn subconsciousness and heal the crannies. Apparently, every one of us has such things to treat, so don’t refuse a dose.

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5. Ягельурта | Yagelurta – По волчьему следу | On The Wolf’s Trail (2020)

🇷🇺 The last pick is the one which erases you completely. The pagan rhythms embodies the intolerance of the Nordic spirits and the cruelty of supernatural forces. Earthy and unearthly in one time, these compositions are an essence of the snowstorm, the fire pillars, the inevitable death and the inscrutability of the life.

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