Zoord – Sailors Of the Intergalactic Steppe (2021)

🇭🇺 Feel yourself travelling in a chariot, from the ancient times to the infinity, together with extravagant tabor on board.

Zoord trio consists of Áron Szilágyi (the doromb master, who also plays kaval and overtone flute), Béla Drabant (violin, citera and vocals), and Krisztián Almási (drum).

You’ll hear energetic waves coming out of the jew’s harp (well, actually Áron used almost 30 of them, varied in size, timbre, and temperament. With them, comes high-pitched voice of cheerful violin and powerful, even defiant vocals. The drum which is played on both its side finishes the set.

The compositions on the album represent exceptional blend of folk roots, infectious rhythms, trance-like patterns, and love. Out of each tune explodes the sense of the freedom, fresh air, and some kind of insanity.

facebook page: Áron Szilágyi | Béla Drabant | Krisztián Almási

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple.music | youtube.music | yandex.music

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