The Sun Burns Bright – In Death We Rest (2020)

🇺🇸 Welcome to a pleasant place and exciting state, when you let go all that might threaten you and stay alone with reality. It’s simply an equilibrium.

Is this equilibrium something constant? Perhaps there are several points on this. At first, we can feel the calmness of the moment, regardless of what is happening right now. Then, everything changes, and the balance is also evolving.

That’s what you can feel by putting “In Death We Rest” album on. Eight compositions with deep atmosphere, each like a sip of fresh air. Find yourself somewhere at the coast, or far away from our Earth, your heart will decide.

The life and the death hiding in each its blink. That’s what the album is about. Nobody can avoid this equilibrium, even if trying to forget about death or to neglect the rules of the life. All the rest is generously balanced post-rock for any kind of a listener, both experienced ones and the beginners.

facebook page: Thesunburnsbright

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3 thoughts on “The Sun Burns Bright – In Death We Rest (2020)

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