Trope – Eleutheromania (2021)

🇺🇸 Shouting loud, starving for freedom, carving a way to float. That’s the Trope band, and it is here and now!

The group is based in sunny Los Angeles, California. However, their music is not just funny, it’s rather intelligent and well-turned rock. Progressive and amplified, it goes with brilliant vocals by Diana Studenberg, the band’s front-woman.

The album appears to be perfectly balanced. Everything on its place, sensuality and power, nice riffs and complicated structures, while some easy listening passages are also there.

This strange world, eleutheromania, refers to a frantic willing of freedom. That’s it, this album is full of concentrated energy ready to break free. Just put on your headphones and get overwhelmed. Like me.

facebook page: TropeBand

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3 thoughts on “Trope – Eleutheromania (2021)

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