Magnificent Soundscapes: 5 post-rock pieces to soothe your mind

Sometimes you feel exhausted or even do not feel anything. Selected Goosebumps have a special compilation for such moments.

1. The American Dollar – Lofi Dimensions – Pt. I (2020)


🇺🇸 There’s a kind of Lo-Fi that is not so low actually. This year the duo has released two albums filled be selected electronic post-rock pieces. To me, the first one is preferable, and you can form your own view.

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2. Almøst Silent – Swamp Tales (2020)


🇫🇷 Welcome to the endless swamp. Here you can spend some time contemplating and overcoming sadness. Through blurry shapes and concrete forms, encountering things thay you see and things you thought you’ve seen.

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3. This Will Destroy You – Vespertine (2020)


🇺🇸 It’s pretty strange when an album is dedicated to a specific premise. Once upon a time, This Will Destroy You created “Vespertine”, a record that depicts the ambiance of the restaurant under the same name. To me, it’s a journey rather into calmness than to the place where people eat.

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4. Antlerman – Rest / Earth (2020)


🇬🇧 The Earth breathes, and so do we. Inhale, feel the moment, and exhale. The air is all around of us, and it connects each particle. Everything’s related to everything, just let it grow through you. Greta Thunberg is featured on the record, and her speech completely matches the album’s atmosphere.

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5. Shokunin – Dimensions (2020)a0175847863_16

🇩🇪 Watch a huge jellyfish floating by. If you get stuck somewhere in the harmful modern world, try to escape from artificial borders. These jellyfish will show you the direction. Float with it, and you’ll find a solution!

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