Vibracobra – The Box (2020)


🇷🇺 Vibracobra from Saint Petersburg, Russia, presents the debut album with a pretty short title. Well, it’s time to unbox it.

Apparently, we find loud instrumental stuff inside, both progressive and experimental. From the very first composition, “Augue”, the band is holding a listener in some kind of suspense. But it the kind which is not disturbing at all.

“Helicopters”, the second piece, is much faster, with a plenty of transitions and powerful impacts. Further on, you’ll get a sensation that will not allow you to stray from the path. Gently structured, these compositions are full of thoughts and emotions, going together with the tempo.

Vibracobra also has let a surprise closer to the end of the album. You’ll get a dive with the great Cousteau. But not another word, it should be your own experience. Don’t worry, this cobra is not venomous. It is a vibrant one.

Vibracobra: facebook | vk

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