Variety Of The Strings. 5 Albums to Make Your Soul Vibrating

sourceFive brilliant albums for your musical weekend. They are all different, and there’s a tiny thing in common: all of them are are making the difference. It turned out in on occasion, but the geography impresses. US, Australia, South Korea, Guatemala, Brazil, and Great Britain – this is our today’s route in Selected Goosebumps.

1. Euphoria Station – The Reverie Suite (2019)


🇺🇸 This album is full of personal experience. Feelings, worries, and hopes are blooming in each verse. Thus a listener follows the story and turns the pages together with Saskia, the singer with a beautiful voice.

The music of Euphoria Station is life-affirming. While listening to it, I feel a strong purpose residing in the hearts of the musicians. It’s about making the world a little bit better by praising honesty and sincerity. The only way to overcome the difficulties and to make the deepest desires come true.

The collective use a wide range of instruments.  Acoustic guitar, harmonica, flute, banjo, mandolin, electric violin, piano, organ as well as bass, drums, percussion and background vocals, all involved in a creative process.

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2.  Dom Turner & Jin Hi Kim – Microtonal Crossroads Two: Music for Slide Guitar & Komungo (2020)


🇦🇺 🇰🇷 What a duo! It’s an extraordinary collaboration by two composers, Australian Dom Turner (guitars) and Jin Hi Kim from South Korea (acoustic and electronic komungo).

Is it old good western blues or ethnic Korean music? Both of them and neither. Yes, we are absolutely at crossroads and here is where pure art emerges. Being improvisational and innovative, it respects the traditions as well. A journey into the origin of the sound and also into the appearance of goosebumps!

I suggest you try it for yourself. The vibrations will point you in the right direction.

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3. Pamela Symphony – Tribal Cello (2020)

a2665542482_16🇬🇹  Our goose brings us straight to Guatemala, where mysterious Pamela Symphony gives a cello the unusual life.

The sound is captivating. Echoes of ancient vox and invocations are around us. This album addresses timeless and eternal themes. No doubts about it, this music is about both our origin and the universe…

Minimalistic but enormously deep arrangements which should not mislead you. All sounds are created solely by the author and there’s nothing more than a cello and a human voice.

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4. Bike – Their Shamanic Majesties’ Third Request (Instrumental Version) (2020)

a4074691669_16🇧🇷 With Brazilian BIKE collective we are going to submerge into the deepest vibes. The instrumental version of “Their Shamanic Majesties’ Third Request” is something magnetic.

This pulsation starts at the fingertips and slowly goes deeper. Gradually it grasps all your subconscious. Multilayered, perfectly blended, acoustic excitement is going to overtake you. Just let it happen.

Try “Ingá”, one of the album’s gems. Even if you hide behind your own biases, it will ruin them all, leaving you instead with a wide smile.  There is another version of the song, the quarantine one. It’s also great, check it below.

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5. High Concept – Floating World (2020)


🇬🇧 And finally it’s time for something heavier. High Concept turns out to be an extremely eclectic musical project. Starting from one domain, they switch between various approaches, but stay faithful to their own style.

The album is generally instrumental with unexpected (and great!) vocals in a couple of compositions. Mild and tender melodies are gently interlaced with groovy riffs.

Basically, Kevin Williams and Ben Savigear made this album for their own fun and share their inspiration with everyone. “Floating World” turned out to be very special thanks to the guest musicians that appeared on this record. To me, the trumpet and the sweet voice Ivona Behalova are gorgeous! Surprisingly, the members of Teeth of the Sea, Capricorns and even Wren also had a hand in making the album.

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