Foshe & Horatio Luna – Nice To Meetcha (2020)


🇦🇺 Today we are gliding along Australian waves accompanied by Foshe & Horatio Luna.

Foshe hails from Sydney, Australia. Normally, they are three piece, namely Zigi Blau (keys/synths), Mike Bentley (drums), and Tomas Ford (bass). This time, Horatio Luna arrived to take the bass in his hands.

Indeed, in “Nice To Meetcha” session the bass lines sound distinctly convex, hugging your eardrums, and highlighting other instruments. Keys are bright and gritty while the drums complete the picture. Notice that the pieces were recorded in pure improvisation mode, no overdubs applied.

The title track “Nice To Meetcha” and “Bamboo Bop” are my favorites among the compositions. Calm and narrative, they take your away from miseries and discontent. Your mood increases when you are alright as well.

facebook page: foshemusic

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