Tricot – A N D (2015)

a4177250376_16🇯🇵 Perhaps you know something about Japanese music. Now leave your experience aside and try this: it is tricot!

Get prepared for unpredictable sound structure and apotheosis of contrasts… though it’s barely possible to get prepared for such a thing.

Japanese band tricot  is investigating boundaries of musical art and, let’s say, is hurtling along (over?) them. These extravagant ladies never stop their extreme experiments melting math rock with power pop and whatever else they find acceptable. Mind-bending textures meet minimalistic brushstrokes – and the painting lives its own life, repeating patterns and changing them in endless game.

Among tricot album, this one is my featured, although they seem to bring out something new pretty soon. Should I forget this then? I don’t think so.

facebook page: bakuretsurecords.tricot

Get this album via Apple Music | Google Play | bandcamp

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4 thoughts on “Tricot – A N D (2015)

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