Human Factor – Let Nature Take Its Course (2018)

a4270772180_16🇷🇺 The living sound evolves through this album with the help of keyboards, guitar, bass and drums… staring at the universe.

Outstanding cool album from Human Factor right from Moscow, Russia. These guys know how to make keyboards first chair and not to spoil all. Synths are covering all the surface and create volumes.

A.L.F.” is one of my personally featured tracks from this album. The whole composition is gradually unfolding via tiny impulses, wider melody and distinctive bass lines. Add some distorted voices – and here you are, in the middle of Human Factor’s world.

I’m not sure I got it absolutely right, but my sensation of album’s concept is a path to the future while all human-made matter is an antithesis of nature’s wisdom. What will be the synthesis then? It’s a question.

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2 thoughts on “Human Factor – Let Nature Take Its Course (2018)

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