Hashshashin – nihsahshsaH (2016)


🇦🇺 Hashshashin is a power trio of assasins who experiment with prog/psychedelia by letting it absorb Middle Eastern rhytm and taste.

Needless to say their music is heavy enough to break the walls between cultures. Surpisingly enough, the band comes from Australia while what they play have nothing in common with any concrete tradition. “NihsahshsaH” makes you noticing a number of them and understanding that they can be involved altogether in one album or live show.

The Middle East atmosphere is delivered by barefoot Lachlan R. Dale through mysterious sounds of bouzouki (a kind of lute). He is accompanied by Cameron Macdonald on bass and, of course, here are powerful drums mastered by Evan McGregor, who is also responsible for percussion and didgeridoo. We also hear beautiful violin by Natalya Bing on this record.

It’s a rare diamond engrossed in musical sand.

facebook page: Hashshashin

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6 thoughts on “Hashshashin – nihsahshsaH (2016)

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