Velehentor – Перевал Дятлова (2013)

a3173029764_16“Dyatlov pass” is a dark ambient piece born by  Velehentor in 2013. This work is dedicated to a mysterious and tragic story occured back in 1959.

A group of nine geologists and tourists deciced to conquer an undistinguished mountain peak in Northern Urals, Siberia. This place was known by local habitants (people of Muncy) for it’s strange and inexplicable force.

Eventually all members of the trip were found dead after a night when they settled a camp besides the mount. It was regular winter with heavy snow; the bodies were scattered on the ground. Although there was no evidence of external impact (either human or animal related), some of the bodies were crushed inside while others were without any sign of damage. Something made them rush out of the tent without clothes and run like hell. Up to nowadays, no one knows what happened there.

This album is full of a feeling of unavoidable supernatural force, power of higher matter and the moment of the end. It has strong note of compassion… for all victims of unforced death.


5 thoughts on “Velehentor – Перевал Дятлова (2013)

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