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Kraut on Earth And in Space. Part 1: On Earth

Waves arriving at the Earth surface. Image byΒ lunamontem

This time we launch a trip into the kraut domain. As always, you’ll get varied music, belonging not necessarily to the one certain genre. The artists picked by the Selected Goosebumps blog slide back and forth, making great space rock and psychedelia as well. here is the first part of our story. Enjoy.

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Progressive in the core. 10 rock and metal acts with a strong structure

Aliens and their limbs look progressive, right? Image by lunamontem

What does it mean to sound progressive? I bet there are at least several ways to answer. Some of the artists work out their compositions, paying attention to even minuscule details, while others just make fun. Selected Goosebumps blog presents a collection of prog rock and prog metal albums (well, going out of these genres at ease).

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