Out of the Psychedelia. E03. Psych In Space

Catch the psychedelic radiance wandering through the cosmos. Image by artgiagzhel

We are traveling through the nebula in our trans-galactic jet with this amazing soundtrack which keeps the engine working.

1. UFO Ōver Lappland – Spökraketer (2022)

🇸🇪 We begin our space journey from the northern latitudes. They say there’s aт UFO circling somewhere around here. And it is not just circling, but also happens to take away any of caring listeners. Those who get on board are joining a trip into the depths of the universe. The outer space is permeated with vibration and light and you’ll have all the possibilities to feel it. This album of 4 compositions is an excellent guide to the world of subtle matters and big stars. The starting point is pretty close. You just ought to catch the northern lights by the tail and ride it.

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2. Kosmodome – Kosmodome (2021)

🇳🇴 Entering the Dome, we anticipate some sophisticated stuff to show up. Our expectation is met as Kosmodome’s self titled album offers progressive psychedelia which is surfing from the light form to something groovy and reverberating. However, solid riffs are almost avoided with no harm to the compositions. The vocal parties, soft and emotional enough, complete the picture. The story ends up with moving a listener to the orbit and that’s the longest piece on the album. It’s worth it as you will feel excitement bordering with rapture during this trip.

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3. Highbay – III: Earth​/​Space (2022)

🇭🇺 The next act in our collection comes out of the Hungarian Psychedelic Source Records community. On this record, the Highbay trio is extended by the guest guitarist Bence Ambrus who adds layers to the sound and senses to the cosmic adventure. It happens to be a trip indeed, as the album is devoted to both our planet and external area. While the first part of the LP is about various kinds of matter which are found on the Earth, the last track is indented for catapulting into the space. Be the selected one to climb onto this device and prepare for the adventure.

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4. Loop – Sonancy (2022)

🇬🇧 Space loop? Why not! The British will easily catch you with a lasso, which they always have at the ready. Get prepared for the sonic flashes, noises and special effects: there are quite a few of them on this album. By the way, the group creates appropriate video clips as well. Everything here is for the real audio-astronauts, and we are going to join the star team. In case you want to practice before you go into outer space, I advise you to choose the penultimate track, “Axion”. In my opinion, this is the most characteristic on “Sonancy”. But of course there are a bunch good ones!

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5. Electric Eye – Horizons (2021)

🇳🇴 Moving on to treasures, oceanic and stellar at the same tie, we are discovering this gem. The Norwegian quartet offers space diving with enchanting sounds. Apparently, there is something to be amazed at. In addition to electronics, the band uses tambura, auto harp, marimba and other outlandish instruments that are not obvious for the rock music. Such a synthesis will seem strange to some of you, while the others like me will simply be imbued with the sound of the band and extraordinary ideas that are found every now and then.

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6. Los Mundos – Eco del Universo (2023)

🇲🇽 The closing album for this episode is from Monterrey, Mexico. Folks, this work is worth trying out in its entirety. In addition to conventional electric and acoustic instruments, the group involved zithers, gongs, modular and other synths and a ton of fantasy. As a result, however, they have not oversaturated chimeras, but subtle and sensual compositions, often with an unusual structure. Smooth vocals holds us in a vacuum, and the music creates the effect of timelessness. This is not at all repulsive, exactly the opposite.

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