Kanaan – Downpour (2023)

🇳🇴 I have no idea why we haven’t talked about these rockers from Norway yet. It’s time to correct such a fault, moreover their latest album is a great reason for this.

A powerful and dense sound breaks out from the bowels to the surface. The blast wave flies further, reaching the orbit, as tectonic processes cannot be stopped.

On these seismic waves, the trio from Oslo ride freely, increasing the speed. They allow a short while to rest only once in the middle of the album.

This work is definitely worth listening to from the very beginning. The first track with a canonical title “Black Time Fuzz” opens with a simple and reliable riff which is gradually unwinding. The effects are chewing through the sound of the guitars. At the end of the song, the guitar solo fails to topple the rhythm section, and that’s pretty cool!

Then, there is a whole range of themes, compact and accessible to those flying into space. The bass is especially impressing, being velvety and all-penetrating. The only and final monumental act, ‘Solaris”, is divided in two parts. All for the listener’s convenience!

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | apple | youtube

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