Out of the Psychedelia. E02. 6 More Records for Your Trip

Bright and dark flowers of the universe rising up. Image by artgiagzhel

Here is our second collection of resonating impulsed and melodies delivering your mind and heart to the outer spheres.

1. Dr. Pete Larson and His Cytotoxic Nyatiti Band – Damballah (2021)

🇺🇸 Dr. Pete Larson starts our journey by introducing Damballah to us. That’s the spirit of wisdom, usually visualized as an image of snake.

Well, what about this music? To me, it is definitely not greyscale as the album’s cover might imply. Nyatiti, a kind of yoke lute from Kenya, is in the core of the sound canvas which you are going to unfold. Guitars, bass, synths and percussion make an amplifying background for these hypnotic experience. This small ensemble launches great tides.

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2. Gaal – A Room Made of Sea 海幻空间 (2021)

🇨🇳 Welcome to Taolin Village, Beijing. We are invited to impromptu session by GAAL, Chinese project by young talented musicians. Synths and guitars are joined by horsehead fiddle and flutes, and percussion as well. There’s also a room for the voice, including throat singing. It’s pretty unusual to hear such different instruments in one time. Mild arrangements play they role, combining ancient and hi-end.

It’s like the walls fade away and you find yourself at absolutely different place.

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3. 10 000 Russos – Superinertia (2021)

🇵🇹 Now, more kraut and more fuzz. It never hurts to have more, right? Fell yourself drown in superinertia. It’s everywhere around you and inside. Hold your breath for a moment, and you’ll feel. Acid and blurred, slowed down and melting.

However, motorik brings movement and change. Something forces you to open the eyes and catch what is always hiding. Not that easy to spot the difference and turn the new mode on. Nevertheless, it’s what each of us is able to do, with 10 000 Russos jamming nearby. At least, in one’s head.

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4. Electric Orange – Psi-Hybrid (2021)

🇩🇪 This release is so mild and calm. Guitar rock is blended with electronics and experimental approach. Each component matters, and contact with a listener is even more important, as it creates new experience each time. It’s the case when the next track can surprise and open another door. Behind this door, however, we’ll find the same matter, constant but ever evolving. Yet this music is still selected German kraut, the flow expands the borders and finally removes them. And how great is to listen without these restrictions and biases, just letting it all sound.

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5. Stone Rebel – Waiting For The World To Change (2022)

🇫🇷 This time, we are heading to France to encounter Stone Rebel and his latest release so far. Here we’ll taste touching guitar melodies, conventional solos and reflections.

Well, what can we do nowadays? For sure, each of us is waiting for better days to come. Inaction and paralysis on the one hand, hope and willingness of peace on the other. This album is a good example of the art which soothes the soul and motives us to do something instead of nothing.

Get this album via bandcamp

6. Psychedelic Source Records – Sci​-​Fi Safari (2021)

🇭🇺 The final record for today comes from Hungary. The local community called psychedelic source records is rich in improvisational stuff deserving to become a soundtrack. It may fit one’s commute, leisure, or weird frustration as well.

A bunch of states coming one after another. Anxiety, contemplation, thoughtfulness, excitement in the end. Seven vast compositions will surely find a kindred spirit. It’s a marvellous trip lasting for an hour and a half. And each moment makes a difference.

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube

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