Avdey – Gates Of Horn And Ivory (2021)

🇹🇳 In Monastir, Tunisia we will find something special, which doesn’t resemble anything else, while engaging so various techniques…

Yep, you’ll wonder how it’s possible to meet all this under the single cover. Selected kraut, jazzy and world music, ethnic motives from all around the world, confluences and unexpected fusion.

Even Icelandic lyrics followed by throat singing, then Irish and native American traditional tones, that’s how everything is managed throughout this record. Among the musical instruments harnessed by Mustapha Denguezly, Adel Boujemaâ, Leonardo Ramos and company, there are guitars, bass and synths, flutes and other winds, and harmonica.

However, there is no dissonance, each involved element is not individual, as everything has to do with everything. This law is virtuously demonstrated in Avdey’s work.

facebook page: avdey.band

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | youtube | yandex

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