Dÿse – Widergeburt (2021)

🇩🇪 German mighty act Dÿse never halts. These guys generously share the energy which is burning their hearts and willing to get out.

“Widergeburt” witnesses a shift in Dÿse’s evolution. What could we expect from a band which lives and expands its powers? Definitely, something new.

That’s the case, the album clearly shows that the duo finds unconventional ways to the auditory. What’s added this time, some romantic episodes, vocal parties, reflections and variations. For the rest, Dÿse stays true to itself. Explosive energy mimics calmness and solidness. Just one more riff and a pedal, and you get the picture. Imagine what happens if they prepare more. Don’t forget the drums and explicit voices. There is plenty of that stuff in “Widergeburt”.

Well, these lads prove that two of them is enough to change the trajectory of the Earth. On the sole condition that the audience will be enough for the jam to reach the level. So, let’s rock!

facebook page: dyse.band

Get this album via spotify | deezer | apple | youtube | yandex

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