Dafné Kritharas – Varka (2021)

🇬🇷 🇫🇷 For today’s mood, we have amazing album from Dafné Kritharas, who is half-Greek and half-French.

Not only Greek folk inspires Dafné. Her interest goes wide, catching multiple traditions, including Turkish, Sephardic, Bosnian and more.

The compositions from the “Varka” album will deliver us to the Aegean islands and the isles of Skyros and Kastellorizo. We’ll also get to the ancient city of Smyrna. In between, we’ll hear a nice Greek-Armenian song, which is mystical indeed, and we’ll encounter the heritage of other ethnicities, thanks to Dafné’s remarkable outlook.

In her multi-cultural journeys, she is not alone. Her soul mate Paul Barreyre plays the guitar and sings, Camille El Bacha takes care of the keys, we’ll hear Matthias Courbaud’s double bass, and Milàn Tabak’s drums. There are also guest musicians who participate in several songs from the album.

facebook page: paul.dafne

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube | yandex

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