Badieh – Badieh (2021)

🇮🇷 Welcome to Greater Khorasan, a wide territory which keeps its wisdom, secrets and mysteries.

Badieh generously shares all these treasures hidden in their art. Traditional music is carefully interpreted and arranged to highlight its majesty and spirituality.

Behind this project, Michel Gasco (oud, rubab) and Mohammad Miraghazadeh (tar, setar) collaborate with a row of artists who bring their resonance to Badieh. Thus, on the self-titled album, we have tabla, kuze, daf, tombak, and bansuri. Such a perfect arsenal, which soundz amazing and captivates a listener’s heart immediately.

The echo of epochs is reverberating within this wonderful work. Start with any of the compositions, and dive into deeper… So varied and intriguing, just a present for a profound listener.

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