Echoes and Signals – Mercurial (2021)

🇷🇺 Dark and bright in the same time, “Mercurial”. This album is so dense and enticing as that alchemic metal.

Echoes and Signals is a duo from the city of Tula, Russia. Fedor Kivokurtsev creates both music and lyrics, sings and plays the guitars. Alexey Zaytsev is responsible for bass and keyboards, and also participates in composition. The drum parties were co-composed and done by Leo Margarit (Pain of Salvation).

The album appears to be multidimensional. Thus, melancholic “Darkness” turns to impulsive “Towers”. Afterwards, you’ll have some tenderness, as well as tensity and finally, illumination. Dreams and nostalgia will also act in your subconsciousness during this journey.

Yes, it’s a mystic journey, full of hidden senses and messages. Do you have a clue? There’s only one way to get an answer. You should listen to the album with your eyes closed.

facebook page: EchoesAndSignals

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