Green Isac Orchestra – B a r (2020)

🇳🇴 Let’s walk up the stairs with them, the Norwegian experimenters who generously share their treasures with the audience.

The album’s atmosphere embraces a listener so swiftly. Just in a second, you slide into this picturesque world, full of pure adornment.

Where does their music come from? It appears from nowhere, it seems. Voluminous and precise in detail, it is eclectic when it comes to your personal experiences, whether they are melodies, echoes, or tiny scraps of memories.

Six compositions, driven by the human aspiration to beauty. You’ll really enjoy the way they sound, noticing the unity of acoustic instruments and electronic tools. Here, the piano meets the strings and marimba, joined by varied percussion. Then, exotic things like therevox or mellotron come together with synths, and arrangements make maximum volume out of this fantastic team. Worths an immediate listen!

facebook page: GreenIsac

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4 thoughts on “Green Isac Orchestra – B a r (2020)

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