Tation 天聲樂隊 – Coordinate Plan 2018 (2020)

🇨🇳 Which coordinates do you follow? And what if the magical music washes all these marks away?

Tation is a band hailing from Qinghai, China, playing experimental post-rock. Everything in their compositions is unexpected. Even if at any point we think we face a familiar pattern, suddenly comes a surprise.

Catchy impulsive rock converts into the fuzz, and the saxophone comes out of the blue. Nice tiny melody ends up with sort of clanging tremolo. Adding plosive screams followed by a brilliant tune, then some calm voice and again, a burst!

This sincere multidimensional music comes form Tibetan plateau and absorbs the powers of the sacred region. The band members explore their talents, never stopping for a while. And yes, for sure, their hearts are not like them.

facebook page: tationcn

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | apple.music

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4 thoughts on “Tation 天聲樂隊 – Coordinate Plan 2018 (2020)

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