Melting the metal. 5 pieces of heavy / doom / stoner metal.

The rivers bear metal. Image: lunamontem

Our adventure begins when the metal starts to boil, fusing varied kinds of the stuff in the solid red-hot matter.

1. Stone in Egypt – Tectonic Electric  (2019)

🇳🇱 The Dutch band Stone in Egypt opens our list. Their “Tectonic Electric” is full loaded with selected grooves. Starting very accurately, slowed down, and dramatically accelerating after a couple of minutes. This chariot goes really fast, swinging round on the corners. Hop in and enjoy the ride to the ancient Pyramids!

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2. Soul of Anubis – The Last Journey (2019)

🇵🇹 Straight to Portugal, hopefully this last journey is not the last indeed. Slow and heavy as hell in the beginning, we switch from sludgy doom to something eclectic in the middle. Raw sound, aggressive riffs and increasing tempo is what we get when the power trio ruin the borders between the genres and melt the metal. They are Rui Silva, Hugo Ferrao and Speeds Almeida, and for sure we should expect something extraordinary from them in the future.

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3. Inferous – Somos la Noche (2020)

🇦🇷 Another shore of the ocean. The mighty Inferous welcome us to share their experience. In late 2020, the band has released their full length “Somos la Noche”. Selected catchy pieces pour into our auricles, making us headbanging under the massive wave. Dark as the night, in accordance with the album title, this music is as epic as it only might be. Perfect stoner doom with clean vocals and overwhelming distortion.

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4. Sound of Origin – The All Seeing Eye (2020)

🇬🇧 British quartet Sound of Origin continues our heavy journey. Don’t be afraid when listening the first track out of this album. It’s a proper demo to freeze you a little bit. The cannonade in the next one, “The All Seeing Eye”, will smash you to smithereens. The album is so good, “Dim Carcosa” in particular, that you can simply dissolve somewhere in the middle, with no idea where exactly you find yourself.

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5. Dö – Black Hole Mass (2020)

🇫🇮 Let us float into the black hole, slowly and inevitably. DÖ, the Finnish power trio, heads our spaceship exactly in its heart. They have a brilliant soundtrack for this journey, mighty riffs, blood-stopping distortion and crushing drums. Exactly all that you need to annihilate by the end of this pithy EP. Notice that open-ended acoustic finale after such boosted metal.

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