Morwan – Zola​-​Zemlya (2020)

🇺🇦 Don’t be afraid of getting dazzled by the bright bonfire. Come take a seat here in the darkness and close your eyes.

Here’s the second act by Alex Ashtaui from Kiev, Ukraine. Permeated by the presence of the supreme forces, it’s an ongoing journey which erases the borders between internal and external.

At first glance, this music seems deliberately emotionless, followed by disturbing repetitive narrative. Obscure and bizarre, it steadily unfolds its core. Slightly faintly voice is guiding you deeper and further, while the waves are washing over the black sun.

You’ll feel a quintessence of unrelated sensations. Punkish manner, psychedeliс coating, and club music shade, all blended up by Morwan. Throughout the album, Alex manages to unite both notes of fatalism and sounds of freedom.

facebook page: morwano

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