Flip Flop Fatality – The Playground Lives On (2018)


🇭🇷 Great album wandering somewhere on the edge of rock music. Math? Yes, to some extent: for sure, not too complicated one and this is what’s excellent.


Dobrodošli u Hrvatsku! Flip Flop Fatality is from Rieka, Croatia and consists of Lena (drums), Karabaić (keys & vocals) and Vedran (bass). Recently issued album that they entitled “The Playground Lives On” is mild and perfectly assembled. I mean all tracks fit each other and surf through the band’s concept.

The cover refracts the idea of continuous movement, equilibrium of one’s life, told by notes and bass lines, and empowered by drums. “Stratosphere Holds Us On” turns to be my favorite composition as its pulsations are atop of the whole album.

facebook page: Flip Flop Fatality

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5 thoughts on “Flip Flop Fatality – The Playground Lives On (2018)

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