Związki Maillarda – Cyrk (2018)

a0495067024_16🇵🇱 Polish power quartet presents its debut LP which turns out to be diverse and multidimensional,  making you follow their ideas through sincere art.

From the first piece, “Fakerescendo“, the band starts to intrigue a listener with gradually rising sound and “unfolding” manner of songs composition.

Sometimes the play seems sloppy but just for a couple of seconds. They they come back with the full force and Paweł’s – the drummer’s – blasts. Keys fit perfectly the collaboration of stong bass and inventive guitar.

Związki Maillarda for sure know what it is to sound heavy, although these guys don’t overplay their hand. In “Cyrk“, there’s a wide surface for improvisation and thorough work on details.

facebook page: Zwiazki Maillarda

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