Nest Egg – Nothingness Is Not A Curse (2018)


🇺🇸 Pulsating and enthralling music which takes you on a boat of everlasting reflection and brings you back only when you push stop button. Although this voyage doesn’t fade.

Here’s a self-description: “mood music for nihilists”.  Such a mood is hard enough to describe: it’s rather contemplative conditions, a mere distracted when the guys slow down and boosted while they increase the strength and reach escape velocity.

Nothingness: what a word! It can tell you a lot and nothing in one time. The same for the music: it might seem a gift; but then the silence comes. Is it a curse? Don’t rush your answer…

facebook page: NestEggBand

Get this album via: Apple Music | Google Play

You may also be inspired by: Hyedra | Sýček | Tross.

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