Tross – The Overview Effect (2018)


🇸🇪 Here comes Tross with a brand new album: I’m not sure it is planned as an overview of their experience but this is in a name.

Within “The Overview Effect” Swedish guys from Tross band are moving forward through the evolution of sound. This longplay embraces listeners’ ears and souls… it appears to be pretty much quiet and accurate in details. Each small nuance is on it’s place and doesn’t disturb you.

Yet one would say this music is perfect as background, to me it’s a deep journey and it should be  taken without any extra things under the belt. The aftertaste of Tross’ course is delicious. It’s like the midair is full of tiny waves bearing calmness.

facebook page: Tross

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5 thoughts on “Tross – The Overview Effect (2018)

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