Wooden Shjips – V. (2018)


🇺🇸 Five long ears and here it is: brand new record by Wooden Shjips – a band that can easily take you to ephemeral outer world and I’m not sure if they bring you back afterwards.

Go taste these songs: I encourage you to start with “Red Line”: the most upbeat thing on the album. This tone for sure will be murmuring for a while after the track’s end. The same for the rest, it’s like the waves rise and fade.

“V” is for the fifth album created by Wooden Shjips, but also it stands for a victory sign. The album’s cover has this strange monument with ruined fingers… maybe it’s an image of everlasting victory of peace, good and natural over artificial? Mild and temperate, “V” is a victory which reigns over the disorder, offense and aggression.

facebook page: Wooden Shjips

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4 thoughts on “Wooden Shjips – V. (2018)

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