Tulalah – The Question (2017)

a0533622882_16🇦🇺 Tulalah is octet from Melbourne, Australia composing and performing exquisite art rock, or as they call their music themselves, orchestral folk.






Although the ensemble is quite wide in sounding (thanks to piano, rhythm section, guitars, saxophones, trombone, trumpet, even flugelhorn…), Tulalah has invited at least nine musicians more to make the match.

“The Question” doesn’t rumble in the air. the brass takes their places and sound organic. When describing their latest album, Tulalah tells us about musical landscapes. Yes, they’re right: there are a lot of them under the cover, and each one evolves enhancing  harmony with others.

Lena Douglas’s vocal is the album’s benchmark. In some moments, instruments of her bandmates fade a little to pay tribute to Lena’s charming voice and then they altogether get the power and volume. Some intelligent goosebumps lurking!

facebook page: Tulalah Music
Get this elbum via: Apple Music | Google Play
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