Trifonic – Emergence (Special Edition) (2018)


🇺🇸 In 2018, for its 10th anniversary, the great album “Emergence” by Trifon brothers appeared in a brand new edition – with the bunch of remixes.

Trifonic is a collaboration of Brian and Laurence Trifon started back in 2005. Interestingly enough they explain how their music is created. They begin with a particular sound, a tiny note which comes to the imagination. And then, guitar, bass, synths and all the rest appear step by step to end up with a whole compositions. And we can feel this evolution which is encrypted in each track and guess how it was deployed.

Yet Trifonic is not a prolific project (they’ve issued only two albums for a moment), what they’ve done deserves at least your listen. This music emerges from… I don’t know, where it comes from. It just lives and evolves. Thanks to Trifonic.

facebook page: Trifonic

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4 thoughts on “Trifonic – Emergence (Special Edition) (2018)

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