Tera Melos – Trash Generator (2017)


Weird as our world, such a collaboration of math with noise. Unveiling the environment while standing in a line or doubting to search for a lost dog… Is this weird enough?

It’s all abut Tera Melos, a band originating from Sacramento, California (US). “Me and my mind are crawling down the street”… – it’s a line from “Trash Generator” which has blown up my brain.

Raw rags of music, fast passages and riotous rhythms here are accompanied by  suprisingly calm speach of the spectator. It’s like you write down the case history of your own.

The tender spot of math rock is its annoyance. With Tera Melos’ album it’s completlly another story as they prevent their listener from such a maladresse.

I bid you welcome to be blown up too.

You may also be inspired by: Totorro; Dutch Uncles; Metz

3 thoughts on “Tera Melos – Trash Generator (2017)

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