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Into the wilds. 10 experimental acts for you to get lost inside.

Don’t try to escape. You’re already a part of the wilds.  Image by lunamontem

Where do the boundaries of music lay? When does it end and something wild and undefinable starts? Like rows of planted trees give way to the wilds, massive jungle, impossible to pass. Today we’re investigating purely experimental music, so varied and uncategorizable.

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Progressive in the core. 10 rock and metal acts with a strong structure

Aliens and their limbs look progressive, right? Image by lunamontem

What does it mean to sound progressive? I bet there are at least several ways to answer. Some of the artists work out their compositions, paying attention to even minuscule details, while others just make fun. Selected Goosebumps blog presents a collection of prog rock and prog metal albums (well, going out of these genres at ease).

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On the magic carpet. 10 albums flying with the Balkan spirit

Let’s travel around the globe on the magic carpet with Selected Goosebumps. Image: lunamontem

It’s not a surprise that the traditional music from the Balkan peninsula has been spreading through countries and over the seas. Our today’s journey covers all possible destinations and unites the musicians with so diverse profiles and experiences. The thing that they have in common is that all of them are inspired by the Balkans.

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Through the eyes of the better. 5 ambient albums to improve your mood

Are the eyes being watched or are they doing the watching? Image: lunamontem

Ambient music has plenty of dimensions. Some of the artists prefer melancholic conditions, others stick to something abstract, and there are the ones who deal with especially upbeat music. Not so many of the musicians, as our times are not that light and promising. Selected Goosebumps picked five albums to change your mood and unveil the hope and happiness right away.

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