Ari Árelíus – Hiatus Terræ (2023)

🇮🇸 An exquisite blend of oriental psychedelia and diffused Latin rhythms but it’s Icelandic music.

Ari Frank Inguson has always gathered talented musicians around him. However, he releases albums not so often. More than five years have passed since the previous one was issued.

On the fresh “Hiatus Terræ” Ari is true to himself. A variety of elements are reflected and refracted in his compositions. Some of the ideas are quite unexpected as you may hear or seem to hear the sounds of accordion, baglama, flute and other wind instruments, vibraphone or marimba. Frankly, it is hardly possible to assume that this music was born in Iceland without knowing it in advance.

Delving into this material, you will also feel or, conversely, not notice, the transitions from pop to chamber format, from jazz fusion to guitar rock, from modern to ancient. It’s just not easy to say which culture the author is addressing at each point. The kaleidoscope turns over, and the listener gets something new, something that hasn’t been heard before and puzzles with its brightness and queerness.

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube

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