Teufelskeller – Teufelskeller (2022)

🇷🇺 You should be careful with this album. The most sensitive among you will be taken by surprise. In case you like something hotter and sharper, your eyebrows are supposed to travel a lot.

The trio of your eardrums’ testers stop at nothing, and you will have to feel their findings in your own skin. From his tenor saxophone, Anton Ponomarev extracts everything that can and cannot be extracted. Exclamations, tirades, provocative ideas and multifaceted interpretations.

Konstantin Korolev does the unthinkable with his bass guitar. You’ll get both high-speed takeover and structures that crash into themselves and their neighbors. I wondered more than once how he repeats all this and brings it to its logical(?) conclusion, without giving up and not throwing his instrument out of the window?

Apparently, these two did not have enough of their main instruments in order to exhale with satisfaction. Thus the electronics came to the rescue. However, it turned to be rather modest and dosed. I guess it’s mission was to add heat but not harm the live recording. The third possessed, Andrey Kim the drummer, is not far behind.

Having locked themselves in the studio for the whole day, the guys ended up with two hours of improvisation. Later on, they picked the best parts and transformed them into four weighty compositions.

It is sonic art on the verge of music, freedom and chaos, raised from jazz, metal, hardcore and avant-garde. The stuff with the immodest weight of a complete experiment, towards both the material and the listeners.

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube | yandex

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