Balungan – Kudu Bisa Kudu (2022)

🇫🇷 🇮🇩 What a wonderful alliance between Javanese authentic culture and avant-garde rock, Balungan!

The ensemble consists of 13 (!) musicians. Two elements have merged in Balungan: Western avant-prog and Eastern beauty, embodied in gamelan.

The phenomenon of gamelan stands not only for a set of instruments, but rather a certain type of the orchestra and music creation. This Indonesian tradition is based on percussion instruments of wide range. Sounding together, they form a resonant continuum which involves both musicians and the auditorium.

The second component of Balungan organizes the rest. Thick bass lines, provocative guitar and piano improvisations, generally soft drumming and vocals. There is a room left for singing and aтв storytelling as well. In turn, the compositions sound unique indeed!

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