Out of the Stoner Sludge. 6 Murky Albums to Got Stuck With

Welcome to abandoned basement where our heroes discover the universe of heaviness. Image by artgiagzhel

Sludge comes in various forms. In this episode, we are dealing with slower and faster, dirty and even clean, stoned and psyched guitar-driven stuff.

1. Wizards of Wiznan – Experimental Brew (2021)

🇨🇭 Starting in the Alps, we are going to sledge down the slope sitting in a tin trolley. Awesome trip into the distorted stuff, guided by these four wizards. Pouring doomed guitars and low death growling and screaming into the stoner brew, they make it sound exceptional. Once you bounce, in a short while you’ll drop. Don’t worry, the pool of sludge takes care of you. Floating and drowning in it, you’ll taste four tracks from this debut EP. Prepare for the forthcoming wilderness, as it is pretty close.

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2. Skaz – Сказ (2020)

🇷🇺 Let’s turn to something profound and low. Mighty duo from Moscow, Russia has something to share. Overwhelming slow riffs coalesce with catchy faster ones, eroding synths, impulsive drumming and sharp vocals in both Russian and English. Astonishing world we are entering in! Dark and ghostly, it is closing in. Strange forces live their lives, chasing each other and watching us. In a short while, it will come full circle, and no one escapes, in particular you, careless listener.

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3. Domkraft – Seeds (2021)

🇸🇪 Stockholm, Sweden is the next point in our journey. Here Domkraft dwells and creates massive riffs to satisfy full-on metalheads. The more groovy doom the better, this is the rule that works. The matter of the album is purely psyched rather than sludgy indeed, but there’s a room for some sludgy passages. The guitars slow down, the pedals applied, and you drop down the funnel and arrive at a mystic place. It seems familiar but you’ve never been here, as it doesn’t exist anywhere on our planet…

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4. Plog – Mag Mell (2021)

🇳🇴 Low tones are Plog’s favorite ones. Slow and sticky, this stuff will erode your ears and get into the heart. The huge advantage of Plog is female vocals by Lisa Cecilie Dahle. Generally unusual for this kind of heavy music, it suits the EP’s temper and boosts it. Four spacious tracks are full of dark beauty and joy for the demanding headbangers. Join the moshpit and slowly melt down under a gigantic press. If only something will be left of you after this, then crawl towards the next release in our sludgish list.

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5. Crowgod – Graveyard Planet (2021)

🇬🇧 It’s time to speed up a little bit and discover an extraordinary “Graveyard Planet”. Hailing from Brighton, UK, Crowgod serves unconventional metal. It sound eclectic and surprising in many ways. While the very first song opens with doom and even groove metal sounding, is a short time strange things happen. Massive growling appears, followed by the violin party and crushing drumming. Infernal laugh which we suddenly hear matches our reaction. And further on, there are a lot of hidden treats, like clean female vocals, interesting solos and alliance between the guitars and the violin.

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6. Nonoïse – Beetah Duh’Dhul’ (2022)

🇫🇷 Hell yeah, that’s heavy one. French guy Tommy B. runs this solo project and has published the second release so far. Well, what you’ll listen is a compilation of sludgy compositions where the mighty riffs are firing on all cylinders. What a thick sound! Psyched out, cosmic and thrilling. It emerges from the black hole and arrives at our planet, causing earthquakes and tectonic collapse. Let it in your home and you won’t be disappointed. Headphones are no worse alternative though.

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