Gu Vo – Gu Vo (2022)

🇪🇸 Welcome to Seville for an adventure lead by Gu Vo, a local experimental band which we are happy to support.

The trio is Raúl Burrueco (bass), Eduardo Escobar (drums), and Alejandro Ruiz (synths and voice). Although their self-titled album is a debut one, it represents several dimensions of the band.

One might say that’s Southern version of kraut, hot and magnifying. No guitar doesn’t mean no fuzz, as bass and synths together spew motorik and acid sound waves.

When rock is over, and electronics are worn out, it’s not the end. Resurrection is a common thing in our world, isn’t it? So, Gu Vo has a lot to share. Hidden emotions, rich in energy, sudden charge for everybody on their way.

facebook page: GuVoband

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube

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