Cinematicа. E02. Five More Releases to Complete the Soundtrack

Full of senses and meanings, the sounds create the worlds we are living in. Image by lunamontem

Here is our second portion of experimental music meant as the soundtracks for movies whether they exist or not. Check the first episode as well.

1. From the Mouth of the Sun – Light Caught The Edges (2021)

🇺🇸 The duo by Dag Rosenqvist & Aaron Martin opens our episode with their mesmerizing album, “Light Caught The Edges”. Each single note is in its place, witnessing the moment. The ensemble of strangely sounding instruments, as the unity of the piano, the strings, the percussion. Is what you hear a solo, or a background for something else? For your breath possibly? Such a wonderful sonic illusion, when you should perceive all in one, giving up your attempts to identify and structure. That just doesn’t work when it comes to beautiful music.

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2. Slow Meadow – Upstream Dream (2021)

🇺🇸 Our second story comes from Houston, Texas. Slow Meadow is a solo project by Matt Kidd, and this is what you are obliged to taste by your eardrums, sensors, and heart. Elegant and fragile music is born with the help of the strings, the keys, and selected electronics. Ambient arrangements fill the gaps between notes and patterns, and the complete world comes to life. Take care, as it is sensitive to any effort, and it’s so easy to disturb and break what you already have and carry through the wellbeing.

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3. Georgeson – The Solitude of an Endless Sky (2022)

🇧🇪 We fly to Europe like a sparrow, arriving at Belgium, a home for Georgeson, fascinating composer who turns tiny things into something terrific and self contained. Not terrifying, by no means. Nice and empathic, wordless but meaningful. These compositions are floating in pure air, reaching the skies and coming back closer to the surface. Peaceful but often uptight, always open ended, with a lot to touch in a listener’s soul. Each track establishes its own path, straight or crooked, depending on the narrative.

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4. Jeroen Dirrix – A Hidden Place (2021)

🇳🇱 Very close neighbor, dwelling in Rotterdam, continues our soundtrack. “A Hidden Place”, his short EP, doesn’t need any description and explanation. A secret area, where you can spend some time, merging landscapes… What can be better for a person searching for tranquility and naturalness? Free wind and handsome sun, vivid tempo and mild keys which sharpen the silence and soften the ambience. Rich spectre with silken percussion is what may fit your mood, whether you are alone or in the middle of a noisy never stopping crowd.

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5. Yenisei – Reflections (2021)

🇵🇱 It’s time to switch to post-rock. Never late, if it is awesome one. Polish Yenisei are proud to present their second opus, “Reflections”. And we are no less proud to share it with you. Every its piece is atmospheric and resonating. From time to time, the waves become taller and stronger, overwhelm you and calm down. Here come the moments of reflection, contemplative and mindful ones. Spend them with the full attentiveness, and you’ll see the picture from a different angle. Who knows, perhaps this will surprise you, like Yenisei’s album.

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