Out of the Post-metal. 6 albums from the outer worlds

On the edge of the music land. Image by artgiagzhel

Current episode has to do with post-metal, the less defined direction among heavy music. Vast and concrete, terrific and majestic, this music ruins metal and revives it in another sense.

1. La Bestia De Gevaudan – Kintsukuroi (2019)

🇨🇱 The first album we have found in Chile. This trio succeeded in their attempt to create something significant, reaching global level. Carefully balanced, mature and multi-faceted album. The one which with will not let you got tired of, as dizzy tremolos turn to massive constructions, and instrumental parts are giving way to explicit vocals of all sorts. Notice collaborations with the big names, thisquietarmy, Oliver Melville, and Mike Armine, which make “Kintsukuroi” even more beautiful than it could be.

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2. Sarin – You Can’t Go Back (2021)

🇨🇦 Slowing down to the heartbeat, Sarin unveils the deepest and the heaviest sounding they only could reach. The guys left a room for clear guitars and pauses, while the main place was obviously given to enforced riffs. With a bunch of pedals and effects, these Canadians deliver selected distortion to each caring heart. Disposed to fluctuations and inconveniences of live, Sarin had to change itself during a period of time, but managed to give a birth to this album with philosophical title. Yeah, lads, we can’t go back, no argue.

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3. Octopus Kraft – Null (2020)

🇺🇦 Spill some sludge into our pot. Shake well and pour onto your head. Through toxic sadness, our way lays. Dark pages, dark cold days. Emptiness can’t be evil or good, and if you feel nothing you can’t judge. Being stuck in timelessness, starve for the light and life’s vapor. Not a light thing, right? However, Octopus Kraft from Ukraine hasn’t promise anything like that. Purely sincere stuff worth a listen by armored ears and restless souls. Should you belong to such a type, don’t hesitate to put this record on.

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4. Krane – Topik (2021)

🇨🇭 What shall we expect behind this black cover? It’s something elevated, as emerging from the Swiss alps, born and raised closer to the skies and the sun. Possibly, to the moon and the planets as well, because Krane’s music is nice and cosmic, not always easy to deal with. Thoughtful and epic, loud from time to time. Instrumental and seasoned with some speech in the middle of the album, “Topik” represents an excellent blend of post-metal, with a reference to black metal and post-rock, reconciling varied dimensions.

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5. Yashira – Fail To Be (2020)

🇺🇸 This album starts from the core, letting no second to inhale. What a blast! It seems Yashira from Jacksonville, Florida never loses time. No snot mode, strong as hell and overwhelming. Even when they give you some rest, like in “Shards of Heaven”, be ready for the next wave. The weight is heavy indeed! It’s time to forget all conventional classification and get a jolt. Whether post-hardcore, or sludge being spotted, Yashira is definitely bigger that that. Gigantic beast, walking dinosaur is here.

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6. Year of No Light – Consolamentum (2021)

🇫🇷 The last pick for today, less aggressive but no simpler thing. Yes, still no light. French titans are back with a colossal work, appeared years after Tocsin was absorbed. Well, I’ll barely say any word. There’s only one thing to do, and it’s one step into this ocean of sound. “Consolamentum” will do the rest, embracing the listeners and bringing ноуь up to the sky. From this high, you’ll get the perspective, touch the perpetual and the infinite. Somewhere in the center of the album, your breath will fly away leaving you bare and alone, one on one with the universe.

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