Hale De Mars – Гипно (2020)

a3114525475_16🇷🇺 Hypnotic pace through the whisper of  Spring. Quietly embracing you and calling to you.

Hale De Mars hails from Novosibirsk city, which is situated in the heart of Siberia, Russia. They are four piece, namely Daria (vox and keys), Sergey (guitar), Valentin (drums), and Ivan (bass). For sure, the band’s special feature is a charm of feminine voice and keys. It causes pure melancholic mood, followed by something subtle and sublime.

Fascinated by the night, Hale De Mars’ compositions appear to sound tender and dreamy. It’s a long journey into the depths of prehistoric soul living in apocalyptic age.

Timelessness and haze are our satellites during this trip. Take care, the voice of Lorelei is tempting you. However, we cannot know from where this sound appears. Perhaps, from inside?

facebook page: haledemars

Get this album via bandcamp | deezer | apple.music | google.play | yandex.music

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