Astralia – Solstice (2017)


Minimalistiс and profound album with spectacular themes and massive space held inside.

Is it possible to make music plain and clear and in the same time wide and saturated? It seems these gyus accomplished such an aim…

Spanish trio Astralia have made a brilliant release in 2017 combining all best features of post-rock although the result doesn’t show off as something  conventional. My main feeling is cosmic like I hold on for a moment on a distant planet before to fly back to home.

On the other hand, some parts are heavy anough to make “Solstice” more solid and serious. Regardless I’ve heard a bunch of good albums I don’t want to compare and draw lines between Astralia‘s Solstice and something else. For me it’s a good mark. There is no need to talk – better you listen to it silently…

facebook: Astralia’s page

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4 thoughts on “Astralia – Solstice (2017)

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