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Goatika & Tony Levin feat Huun Huur Tu: Alive

Fabolous live show by so different talanteous musicians. One stage, a bunch of names. Tony Levin, Sergey Clevensky, Artyom Yakushenko, Jagganath, Boris Nazarov, Pavel Mikhailuk Joseph Bubrowski and of course two horsemen from legendary Huun Huur Tu Kaigal-ool Khovalyg, Sayan Bapa. It’s where natural spirit meets electronic rhytm and creates vibration…

Seven Eight Band: Alive

Seven Eight Band is knitting wonderful music reach in folk melodies furnished with authentic voice of each unique instrument they have in ensemble. Big band experiments with heritage of various cultures and traditions and creates their own approach to world music, ethnic and jazz as well.

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Blue Man Group: Alive

Blue Man Group has come from the distant space to change our world competely. They bring the sound, the color and the action – that’s what they charge the audience with. These weird guys travel around the world with exceptional mission: to investigate human’s nature through sensation and emotion. Blue man has it as well as everyone on the Earth.

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