Hard Rubber Orchestra – Iguana (2022)

Vancouver’s Hard Rubber Orchestra literally shakes the planet with a forceful jolt, the fifth album.

It’s an exceptionally strong album, in many ways. To begin with, what a huge line-up it was recorded by, as HRO is a real orchestra of like-minded people.

The work turned out to be motley, multi-layered, deafeningly loud. Each of the six compositions seems to pull the rope in its own direction. In several of them, expressive jazz plays rounders with hard rock. In others, contemporary classical music is exchanged with the avant-garde. Either the brass section loudly declares itself, then the drums, and from time to time guitar riffs come up with their straightforward power.

The title track seems to be the most remarkable thanks to its brightness, assertiveness and flexibility. Real iguana. Although, we have to admit that the album starts with an almost more powerful and corrosive composition, “Source Code”. For those of you who love something hotter, it is a nice opportunity to get overwhelmed.

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube

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